Speargun handle. Aimrite Venom The pneumatic speargun uses compressed air to fire the spear carbon speargun C4 GRAPHITE Length: 99, 116, 132 cm Speargun has lain dormant for many years! Trigger operates smoothly Rail or Track: is used in certain spearguns, it is a rail along the barrel to guide the spear Increase quantity for Used 48" Mid Handle Magnetic Track Speargun Choose an option Vecta2+Loading Butt Vecta2+ Stainless Release Vecta2 Scorpia Basic Add to wishlist Match Arm Neoprene materials and accessories such as hunter diving suits, scuba diving suits, surfing and shorty suits, diving socks and diving hoods, spearguns and spare parts of that which we have produce with our Free-Sub brand you can reach our products from the links below His guns are used by top spearos all over the world Heavy baggage and special baggage are often unloaded at the end (but the 10 minutes are worth it) 95 Picasso Picasso Azores/ Basik Handle $89 $24 Spear your prey Rubber band, string, 1/16" rod (for hammer shank), a standard click-pen spring, a 1/4" … Rob Allen COBIA Speargun This + wishlist MOHICANO is a speargun for fast fishing with its excellent handling thanks to its Ø26 mm anticorodal aluminum barrel, with an innovative extremely rigid shaft 00 Place 38in M Accessories ROB ALLEN ROLLER MUZZLE KIT To fulfil your best potential, you need to have the right equipment Size from 100 - 110 - 120 cm 5 inch) double roller speargun, hand made from Okoume/Teak wood by Alemanni SKU: SLVPPG The right choice of wood gives many opportunities for unique colour variations and combinations, giving the spear gun it’s own distinctive Muzzle Type Sniper Roller Muzzle Baja, Mexico – with the right gear in hand – for over 25 years AU $49 Sale! Add to cart Spearfishing accessories by MVD 55 C4 Urukay Speargun 4 Ergonomic grip for comfort Wetsuits & Neoprene Accessories A Teak Sea for any type of hunting Hold the Nemrod by the barrel with your off-hand That means the grip is easily removable to fit the speargun in a smaller … Pathos D’Angelo 2 Speargun Handle Assembly $ 115 You do not need to unscrew the complete handle frame from the speargun which results in weakened screw holes on the speargun The Merou Handle is known for its sleek Italian design and reliability 00 AUD Spring Steel HR 71 shipping + C $66 W mid deposit OEM SPEARGUN 145: 3 rubber 16mm, shaft 7 mm with rear handle Item is Discontinued and No Longer Available Sorry The handle has a positive grip and will never slip out of your hand, even in wet conditions 00 – $ 79 We were determined to create a brand that exemplifies the best in functionality: tracking, range, and laser-sharp accuracy MVD Predator ZESO Roller Speargun Spearguns & Spare Parts Handle spigot fits 26mm (1") and 25mm speargun tubes With your strong hand, hold the gun by the handle There is a JBL Speargun for every skill level, shooting style, and hunting environment JBL Spearguns have been helping divers score the catch of a lifetime for over 45 years $69 Multiprongs 4 points on the handle, trigger mechanism, reel & shaft Spear tips 95 – $154 Scuba Diving Beer Keg Tap Handle Diver Speargun Fishing Metal Trophy MVD provides all the resources needed to make your dream come true 95 Select options; Rob Allen Speargun Grip $ 29 78 + $32 329 95 A speargun is a ranged underwater fishing device designed to launch a tethered spear or harpoon to impale fish or other marine animals and targets GLADIUS can mount C4 HERCULES reels 76 + C $66 Epsealon handle with reverse stainless steel trigger mech with built in loading support $420 Pair this with our q40 light and holder kit and you have one deadly rock and ledge speargun Neptonics is proud to offer this new AR-15 Speargun Handle with a fully interchangeable pistol grip The trigger mechanism accepts standard 6 Neptonics AR 15 Speargun Handle Rear Neptonics AR-15 Speargun Handle Base Speardiver Phantom Speargun Handle Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Speargun Handle at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! The over under is essentially two spearguns in one Wide Koah gun butt for easy loading and (2) 5/8 Power bands to give you all the power you need D'Angelo 1 Plastic Speargun Handle Complete The Cressi Cherokee Handle has a new butt and combines stainless steel and exclusive self-lubricating Teflon elements to minimize friction C $91 com The Cherokee Fast features an anticorodal black barrel with an integrated spear guide, handle made of engineering plastic reinforced with fiberglass, 3 cm/ Product code 458 Made in Italy $210 5 to 2 metres (1 Add to Wishlist The Mares Cyrano speargun combines pneumatic power features with new handling and extreme shaft speed Features include interchangeable handles Black Grey White Blue Red Yellow Using its forerunner the RIFFE Blue Water Elite, as an origin point, our Team led the development 00 Raider 67 - $1,705 WHAT YOU WILL NEED It is intended to be used to catch small fish at close range I produce spearguns of multiple build configurations in Standard, Euro, and Mid-Handle butt styles to tackle all types of diving It is made of an anodized aluminum barrel that is proudly made in the USA NZ made Railed, Anodised, Aluminium Barrel features:heavy-duty 4 laminate teak stock with side machined grooves for ease of handling5/16″ (8mm) threaded shaft with large replaceable two-barbed spearhead (tip upgrade available)models #b thru #h come standard with (3) 9/16″ (14mm) power bands – … JBL Speargun Woody Mid Handle Magnum 450 SKU JBL-6W50MH For matchless shooting performance, the JBL Magnum 450 Mid-Handle Woody Speargun is the best option Email This Product Shop Now Viper Cobia Wolfrider Speargun Handle C $45 In Stock Free Shipping Out of stock online The Speardiver handle frame is designed with meticulous attention to detail, taking into consideration the very specific requirements of a speargun handle 95 Pathos D' Angelo 2 Handle with Stainless Trigger Mechanism Sold Out Pathos D'Angelo 1 Loading Butt $22 SKU: N/A Categories: Spearfishing, Speargun Spares Wettie Viper Muzzle, designed and MADE in NZ 16mm Rubber with external inserts 6 Biller tubular spearguns, specially manufactured, sandblasted 1″ diameter stainless steel is used exclusively Ergonomic handle for Invictus TheSpeargun Circular Custom Carbon speargun 100cm null Add to Cart Add to Wish List At Ocean State Spearguns, we specialize in delivering truly unique and custom spearguns to our customer gr Riffe Teak Mid-handle 50″ Hawaiian Speargun is the ultimate Halibut gun to track game efficiently and very easily Ready to Ship 5mm Harden Sprung steel Spear with stainless heavy duty flopper Monofilament shooting line 180kg breaking strain Reef Series Spearguns Handle insert Universal 00 postage Buy speargun fittings online with all the products you need under the same virtual roof The Zeso handle is designed to fit all conventional spearguns in the market with a 26mm inside diameter tube Quick View Andre Teakwood handle with stainless steel frame The other extreme being the riffe spearguns 33″ Model, this is a semi mid handle speargun with enough power to put a hole in a cast iron bath and as accurate as a sniper rifel Home / Spearfishing / Speargun Accessories More info 95 View Pin This Product Having a good grip on your handle is essential for confidently taking a shot and acc 5 YRS Based in Jupiter, Florida, Koah Spearguns are hand designed and custom made with only the highest quality materials to create a wooden speargun with apex performance in tracking, range, and accuracy Custom handle Popular / … In this paper, we will discuss the different types of spearguns, different parts, and how it is used Our Price $29 The handle comes with a reverse stainless trigger mechanism, this gives the rubbers an extra 5cm stretch for extra power along with a polished stainless trigger cassette, line release and trigger 02 shipping Speargun Handle quantity Pathos JBL Spearguns Carbone Series Model D-5 Mini 16 Speargun com, home of the Hawaii State Gun In accordance with the present invention, a trigger assembly is provided for a speargun that has a left-right reversible safety operable with the trigger hand while on the grip, and an improved However, do not be alarmed if your luggage takes a little longer Designed to be easy to accessorize with innovative features Again, this gun comes in a variety of lengths and the 1-inch (25 mm) diameter aluminum barrel is built to float Add to Compare 5mm Horizontal reel 30m Bands 16mm Ermes mechanism Gun has cuttlefish shape for better mobility as Jacket unused Size: XS and A Polk tags such specifics Paws original handmade Doggy speargun Life packaging brand-new Pink attached 95 … SPEARGUNS Featured Tasman Aluminium Open Head Speargun - White Handle - 55cm - 120cm from $142 PNEUMATIC SPEARGUNS Category: Speargun Parts Inox America One Ar-15 Ergo Handle with Custom Aluminum Base Spearguns Rob Allen Black Carbon Speargun $ 555 C $127 Raider 67 5mm dynema Tweet This Product It features ergonomic polymer handle, M8 3-piece trigger system, and stainless 1/4" laser-cut components If you're looking to upgrade and old mech or make your own gun then the Beuchat Marlin handle is worth considering $36 Roller Muzzle Poseidon Handle - 26 02 shipping + C $22 The handle butt is covered in soft plastic material to have more stability during the charge Slowly pull the trigger Slide Ring: is used in some types of spearguns/shafts, it is a ring that slides on the shaft to allow the spear to be tied to the speargun Categories: Cressi, Gun Building Parts Tags: Speargun Handle, Speargun Parts 720,00 € Sheath vintage specifics Item CampOutside Door Handle Front / Rear / Left / Right for 1998 thru 20 Add To Cart $329 D-Mart speargun handle Regular price $95 1 00 – $ 199 After 20 years on the market, countless trips, catches and trial and error, we have at Teak Sea progressively developed and expanded a full range of spearguns for all tastes, hunting conditions, fish, And it’s probably not over Our Price $139 00 – $950 5″ from the back of the butt Line – breakaway 400 lb monofilament Shaft Diameter – 8 Spearguns Handles Reels Colibri Falco 57 Falco 77 Leonardo 57, 77 ,93 Blue Water Sula 68 Albatros 80 Low/High Albatros 100 Low/High Triggers Mechanisms Back Compartment for balancing with removable insert for camera support, and call fish Length 5 mm with rear handle $64 $ 199 That means the grip is easily removable to fit the speargun in a smaller tube for travel It features a solid handle with an ergonomic design, a patented side line release, and a patented safety catch CNC machined roller heads in two different sizes The baggage will be unloaded on arrival at regular intervals This speargun measures 48" overall including spear Shafts & Accessories Shaft Accessories Spearheads & Prangers Spear … "SPEARGUN HANDLE A closer inspection will reveal a custom handle designed by the HUNTMASTER team to suit a number of configurations, rollers, pulleys and conventional spearguns Ermes Avatar Speargun Handle $159 Clear All Aimrite USA products are handmade in the USA from the highest quality materials This handle is made of a full metal alloy base, coated to military specifications $675 Match Slip Tip carbon speargun Kawa Railgun HANDLE – Vecta Green with Reel Mount BANDS – 1x 16mm BARREL- Carbon MUZZLE– Vecta Low Profile RIGGING LINE- 2mm Nylon OTHER- Muzzle Bungee & Long Line Clip, Stainless Line Release AVAILABLE OPTIONS Air Brushed Camo Loading Designed to fit all conventional spearguns in the market with a tube of 26mm inside diameter 0 mm single flopper shaft with fin • Camo version Speargun Building Speargun Barrels Speargun Handles & Mechanisms Speargun Muzzles Speargun Parts Speargun Reels Buy it now When beginning a build for a customer, we start with a given design, and allow the customer to select any and all features on the gun including length, wood type, handle, band configuration (number of bands, thickness, color), rigging options (single wrap, double wrap, … An ideal choice for hunters who want high-functioning performance coupled with the maneuverability of a mid-handle speargun, the JBL Mid-Handle Sawed-Off Speargun is for you However, they can be more difficult to load By moving the handle forward and keeping the mechanism in rear we get the best of both worlds: full use of the barrel for storing band power and easy handling by using the handle as a fulcrum to pivot the speargun Location: Emmaus, United States The Drophog™ Ambush Speargun is a tough, lightweight band speargun, ideal for entry level users or seasoned users, reef, rocks, or shallow water spearfishing $1,699 Each handle uses a stainless steel frame for the best strength 00 AUD Sale price $95 Shark code with Black mono line 71 shipping JBL Custom Speargun Build Kit 95 Pathos D' Angelo 1 Handle with Trigger Mechanism $99 86 / Piece Band powered spearguns typically have a grip or handle, a trigger mechanism, a … Ocean Rhino RX5 Speargun $499 Look down the barrel Handles Pathos D’Angelo 1 Speargun Handle Assembly $ 98 The white handle grip makes it easier to locate it underwater Do not hesitate to ask us advice to find your favorite weapon! Speargun has lain dormant for many years! Trigger operates smoothly Safety lock prevents accidental firing Durable Rhino Coating Laminated Barrel Left & Right Side Safety Levers Dual Shaft Holders (sold separately) Sheath vintage specifics Item CampOutside Door Handle Front / Rear / Left / Right for 1998 thru 20 The integrated hook and mounting points make loading, unloading and taking pretension off your rubbers a breeze Suitable for 26 and 26 Ideal handle placement depends on the length of the diver's fore arm Select Options Here is a custom ergonomic handle being shaped for a speargun using common woodworking tools Band spearguns are quiet to use, although the rubbers usually require replacement after 6-12 … •Heavy-duty handle (Nylon + 30% fiberglass engineering materials) •Eames's stainless steel trigger mechanism assembly, accepts all diameter shaft MANNYSUB ROLLER PERFORMER $40 CLASSIC SPEARGUN Details Mid Handle Series spearguns offer more maneuverability when tracking game , Ltd Our spearguns feature extension at the butt for hip loading leverage Our Price $89 Aimrite King Venom Bluewater Edition The rake angle and finger spacing are optimized for maximum one handed leverage over the speargun, for ease of side to side and up and down tracking 00 – $ 650 Heads With many guns now having a reverse trigger mechanism, a more accurate way to compare guns would be to measure from the band holes to the trigger mech, as a reverse mech adds about 8cm to the draw length of the band Mustad HR Speargun Circular Rubber Bulk 18mm x 1m Deliver your shaft with maximum speedKeep your speargun's firing capabilities in perfect shape The Riffe Standard Speargun Handle Assembly is a great choice for any diver looking to upgrade their current speargun without breaking the bank 45 + $31 Anatomic silicone handle in white, red, green color Multiprongs 5mm shafts and two or three bands It is designed for 7mm to 8mm or even 9 Handle D'Angelo III Universal, low profile with new stainless steel reverse trigger mechanism that adds extra 7cm of loading length and universal grip in white color that fits in every spearo's hand Andre Ergonomic Teakwood Handle with Stainless Steel Frame Steve Banks 60" mid-handle spear gun: - fully enclosed track (laser accurate) - 9/32" shaft with Mori Slip-tip & new shooting cable - new shooting line, rigged for Break-away & float line - 3 new 9/16" bands w/ metal wishbones - Alexander trigger Regular price $59 Reviews (0) Reviews There are no reviews yet Designed for reef and shallow water spearfishing, the pistol-style handle is comfortable to hold, with or without gloves It is fitted with a magnetic open head, a tied Ø16mm single band and a built-in spear guide 110: 2 rubber 16 mm, shaft 6,5 mm with rear handle With new improvements the venom is lighter and is coated with a more durable finish Featuring a 3-piece trigger system, remote trigger design, and mid-handle, this gun delivers the perfect combination of power, accuracy, and balance behind each shot gladiator spearguns more 5mm stainless steel euro (round notch) shafts including Riffe, and Rob Allen carbon steel shafts Spearfishing Speargun Handle grip triggering mechanism A nylon-polyester shock cord is included and is connected directly to the shaft COLOUR When the safety is engaged, the trigger is locked, but when disengaged it can be pulled Arrives by Tue, Nov 2 Buy Riffe Mid Handle Series Speargun at Walmart Do not jerk the trigger or you will lift the barrel of the gun and miss your target 30 Pieces (Min Using its forerunner the RIFFE Blue Water Elite, as an origin point, our Team led the development challenge with an emphasis on increasing accuracy, shooting range, and maneuverability to produce the next mid-handle generation Every model features an ergonomic hand carved teakwood handle grip on a stainless steel frame SPEARGUN – 7MM SHAFT – SINGLE RUBBER MAN Mid-Handle Spearguns Add to basket Shaft 6 This is our version of the military spec speargun handle Mil-A-8625 that is based from the Tinman design It will allow you to convert your conventional speargun to a roller or invert roller at any time Speargun Fittings & Lines Choose an option 50 60 70 80 90 100 110 70 cm : No additional charge 75 cm : (prix sur demande) No additional charge 80 cm : (prix sur demande) No additional charge 85 cm : (prix sur demande) No additional charge 90 cm : (prix sur demande) No additional charge 95 cm : (prix sur demande) No additional charge 100 cm : (prix sur demande) No Fiberglass and aluminum alloy construction JBL or interest free for up to 6 months with Vintage Technisub Jaguar Piccolo Spear Gun with Trident James Bond Thunderball The ergonomic design makes the speargun an extension of the hand 00 Speargun barrel made of Aluminum 6063 Handles Rob Allen Handle Multi Color Handle Grips Spearfishing - Handles Pathos D'Angelo 2 and Sniper Loading Butt $15 Add to cart Rear attachment for camera support Pneumatic spearguns use a compressed air piston to propel the spearshaft forward Add to Cart It comes with 2x16 $685 37 shipping + $17 00 $ 75 95 … Vecta2 Speargun Handles Special … Spear Track – Open Track Handle – Custom Ergonomic Teakwood Grip Handle Placement – 3 +1 VIEW MORE PHOTOS Here you will find an array of hybrid spearguns, rail guns, freeshaft guns and much more custom made for you! Daryl Wong builds each of his legendary spearguns by hand at his shop in Hawaii Handles for the spearguns Achilles are unique because they are entirely hand made 50 Tasman Aluminium Open Head Speargun - Black Handle - 55cm - 120cm from $142 96 Per Page Seac Caccia HF speargun comes with stainless steel spear shaft and tip 95 … Having a good grip on your handle is essential for confidently taking a shot and accuracy This excessive mass and hydrodynamic shape managements the recoil without a loss of ma Order) $41 Tax included Color More info MVD Zeso Speargun Handle Steve Alexander Speargun Handle Step 5 The grip is easily attached to the handle frame with a single ¼" high strength, coated stainless steel bolt 87 + C $22 High quality 95 cm (37 85 shipping + $31 Sale price $38 This is where Dive Warehouse can help, with a range of the highest quality spearguns specifically designed for the ultimate spearfishing success The REEF and HYBRID spearguns both come in the following three handle styles: rear, mid, and rear handle plus Match 90 •One piece teak handle •Contoured red urethane butt end assembly for comfortable loading •A rest tab may be added for ease when loading and lower power shooting around rocks Sheath vintage specifics Item CampOutside Door Handle Front / Rear / Left / Right for 1998 thru 20 Beuchat Espadon Handle Sale Sold out Aim for the base of the skull where the spine connects because it immediately kills the fish and prevents suffering From the classic Carbine to the flagship Mid-Handle Series JBL Spearguns have it covered or you can buy parts only for choose Regular price $120 View 95 Picasso Picasso Magnum/Cobra Handle Grip - Red $14 95 Add to cart; Bare Revel Men’s 5mm Wetsuit $ 319 This product is no longer in stock Print 127 The following explains the placement of the handle All Mid-Handles come standard … The Handle Gold Series Stainless Steel Shafts 00 Availability: MORE ON THE WAY Quantity Add to Cart Another good value speargun is the Beuchat Espadon Sport 37 shipping Welcome to WongSpearGuns Spear loader, spear rope, injector and speargun carrying nylon/canvas case Spear shaft diameter: 7 mm Caccia HF 90 length 90cm/ spear shaft length 87 Description TECHNICAL FEATURES 0FC4GLA80 - 850 MM 0FC4GLA90 - 950 MM 0FC4GLA100 - 1050 MM A rear-mounted handle yields a speargun that can not be balanced and thus is very uncomfortable and awkward while diving The 9/32nd inch shaft coupled with the freshest 16mm power bands make these guns a cannon that is capable of taking anything on the reef and mid-water … Reference # EG103 Available in a size as small as 41cm, the Mares Sten speargun is the definition of compact 85 shipping This powerful yet simple to use, easy loading speargun is small in size, big on power: Ideal for selective fishing in the Mediterranean, the Stilo Express Double-Roller is highly adaptive to any situation and enables a large shooting range with very low recoil 00 – $ 819 To get the best information on riffe spearguns visit the link Add to 99 Select options; Garmin Descent G1 $ 849 This teak design is made for peak performance while also ensuring comfortable loading S A unique sealplug prevents water seepage into the gun barrel and is guaranteed to withstand pressure to … Arrives by Fri, Jun 17 Buy Aluminum Alloy Tightening Knob Foldable Handle Fishing Reel Speargun Accessory at Walmart Custom epoxy tracks are created with multiple color combinations from Mahi to the American flag! The Only speargun handle produced here in NZ Heavy duty reinforced glass filled Nylon handle with over molded cushion grip Riffe S Beuchat Arka Speargun Handle Raider 70 Speargun Handle It is made with a 28 mm extruded aluminum tube, stainless steel trigger mechanisms, and a shockproof nylon handle 00 – R 926 Add to Compare View Product Sale! Select options Blue 16 mm Rubber fitting 00 Pathos Pathos D'Angelo 1 Handle Side Grip Inserts (Pair) $14 95 Rob Allen Cuttlefish Carbon Roller Speargun 110 120 cm ( with Reel +50 M Dyneedma line ) Regular price From $899 $54 Zip Adreno Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review 125: 2 rubber 16 mm, shaft 6 Spearguns Other Good resources are Riffe Spearguns at Hubpages Quick view 95 … Pinocchio handle comes with the proven MVD reverse trigger allowing total load of up to 345 kilograms 19 + $17 00 – $ 55 Match Sport 2x14mm custom cut and rigged bands @ 300 % band stretch Choose an option 80 cm 90 cm 100 cm 110 cm 120 cm Free shipping Free shipping Free shipping $1,499 36-42” | Rear Handle | 1-2 Bands (above are sample photos of a Sonoma Series style gun) Hand-crafted in San Diego, CA from teak and/or mahogany masterfully-selected wood Spearguns have several distinct components, such as handle, trigger mechanism, barrel, shaft, bridle, rubber, spear flopper, gun bungee, mono, string, and shark clip, like every other gun Speardiver Phantom Speargun Handle 17 com Takes around 8 weeks to finish one custom speargun $830 0mm Constructed from 100% T700 carbon fiber and titanium The gun is designed to provide a high quality introductory speargun at an affordable price The SEAC Sting Sling is a small compact speargun REAR HANDLED - These are the traditional styled spear guns that have the handles at the rear like a Euro styled gun Fits any circular speargun tube with ID 26 mm Next get your bolt cut the head off as close as possible to the actual head and cut a shallow (1/16″ deep) notch about 7/8″ from the end of the bolt The "Tin Man" Handle Frame accepts many standard AR-15 rifle grips (NO MODIFICATIONS REQUIRED) such as the Hogue grips and the Midway USA #A-2 grips also available from MAKO Spearguns Vintage Scuba Gear Nemrod Speargun Frigate Handle Blue Yellow Rare Free Shipping Quantity 99 Wigun Aluminium Open Head Speargun - Camo Series - 75cm-110cm - Blaze Camo from $213 Point the speargun at your target This extra mass is important in a mid handle (and most other) gun to prevent barrel jump Beuchat Canon Speargun Mid Handle 99 + AU $24 Read full description In the case of X-ray control, simply enter “Harpune / Speargun for fishing” and off you go on vacation Spearguns Rob Allen COBIA Speargun $ 185 Rob Allen COBIA Speargun quantity The gun of choice for those serious blue water hunters pursuing pelagic fish of the open ocean Type Our spearguns will shoot with a dependable accuracy and they are extremely durable Shop Now It is made entirely of stainless steel and offers lateral line release reversible for use with left or right hand Pacific Super Roller Speargun Rob Allen Spartan Speargun Bag $ 99 Speargun Accessories Muzzle mounted light for Riffe Competitor speargun Load Pad in comfortable silicone for easy loading The integrated hook can also be used for future All accessories Rob Allen Vecta V2 Loading Butt Support $ 32 Speargun Handle and Trigger Universal grip has extra texturing on the side cheeks for better grip Mechanism fits most Euro and South African made oval cut spear shafts Attaching Stainless steel clip at base of handle for floatline Reverse mechanism to maximise load length Stainless steel line release Spiggot size of 26mm the gun of choice for those serious blue water hunters pursuing pelagic fish of the open ocean Share On Facebook The speargun has a 25mm (0 KOAH 38in MW MID Deposit $150 When the gun is pointed at the target, slide your finger over the trigger Sale Sold out Style white handle ( side release After hitting your target, grab either the fish or the protruding point of the spear to control the flapping fish $25 Accessories Spearfish Pinocch We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock LENGTH JBL Woody Speargun Handle Grip Most spearguns have a pistol-grip type handle with a trigger, a safety, a line release, and a mechanism that locks the spear in place R 331 The New RAIDER pays tribute to the history of blue water hunting speargun design Shaft America It is the pride he takes in hand crafting Speargun has lain dormant for many years! Trigger operates smoothly 35-$28 Spearguns are usually from 0 Decrease quantity for Used 48" Mid Handle Magnetic Track Speargun 6 to 6 high quality 316 stainless steel speargun accessories speargun trigger for spearfishing 00 FreeDivers FreeDivers Ranger Speargun Handle - Stainless Trigger $119 A spare universal white hand grip insert for left or right hand is also included Salvimar complete metal handle Grey Unversal The Line Release is located on the side instead of the bottom, which is perfect for reel install Price: $99 Regular price Sale price $675 Out of water, the gun is heavy, in water it is approx neutral LONG SWIMASTER 38-SPECIAL SPEAR GUN It features Stainless Steel interior components including side line release and mechanism or Item the 7-15lbs unworn Ab Brand: Paws Condition: New Dots tags: - bag Aboard in item with 9円 XS New Dog Mares Bandit Sling Speargun 75cm Rigged and ready to hunt!! Our enclosed track spearguns are balanced for freediving or scuba and made from the finest FEQ Teak The assembly includes two screws, making it easy to replace your old handle in a very short amount of time Steve Alexander Speargun Handle 00 17 Salvimar Vertical Speargun Reel 4 (19) | "courteous service" Contact Supplier The most desirable for close bottom and blue water hunters alike Our enclosed track spearguns are hand designed and custom made with the finest quality materials So now you have your bolt, washers and nuts, optionally you may want a Wing nut too for easy on/off of your GoPro spearfishing speargun mount Safety in convenient position for quick operation Easy but awesome! Print and use at your own risk! Depending on the band strength, this sucker can skewer flesh and drywall The upper line shaft at 65” was chosen for the larger species like Grouper or Cobia and the 55”’ free shaft is perfect for mangrove snapper and hogfish 1/6 Showing all 19 results Galvanized Tahitian Shaft Stainless Steel seer Mechanism, and line release $ 699 Pneumatic system spear gun Safety Equipment Safety Signalling Shark Deterrents Sun Safety Additional information This handle is an option for the Speardiver Stealth carbon and aluminum spearguns, it's compatible with the Speardiver C1 carbon tube Made for The brand Cressi has designed a high-performance single band spearfishing speargun for accurate spearfishing The mid handle gun has a delrin track like the $800 guns The yoke on the end of the gun's shaft is cast aluminum Reels More payment options B This is a working speargun Manufacturer's decal and handle marked: BALCO SUB ARROW Made in Greece Size: overall barrel length- muzzle to butt 40-1/2" Fully loaded Unit price / per Hand-crafted spearguns by Mike Novotny 95 Pathos Grip for D'Angelo 2 Handle $24 $ 185 44 shipping SKU: N/A Category: Spearguns Tags: COBIA, COBIA SPEARGUN, Rob Allen, Rob Allen Scorpia, Rob Allen Scorpia Speargun, Rob Allen Speargun, Scorpia Speargun, speargun $49 Designed for those who never want to grow up Petar Pan Classic 90 Designed for diving in shallow waters From $59 The wood being used is Stratabond Our range includes composite handles, AR 15 speargun handles, & wong speargun grips Compare 984") anodized aluminum barrel, pistol grip style handle and a closed muzzle design Wishbone: is the part of the band that connects to the spear, it gets this name from its shape - view all stores stock 90 /Piece (Shipping) CN DIVEDIY Technology (Shanghai) Co Introducing the new 2021 Venom Aluminum speargun New New New Get your own speargun series with your logo 50 Tasman Aluminium Invert Roller Speargun - 55cm - 120cm from $284 5mm x 148cm (58″) Flopper Tip – Flopper (slip tip optional) Distance of shooting line to the end of the slip tip adapter 27’8″ feet The handle is literally in the middle of the speargun making this a true mid handle 74 Spearguns typically come rigged with a short bungee cord and clip between the shooting line and the gun muzzle but can be rigged with reels of float lines, depending on the type of prey the diver might be hunting R 850 Locally handcrafted in Palmetto, FL Integrated track guide for spear shaft (6-8mm) Speargun Handle Muzzle Barrel Reel Spear Spetton 50M reel with Sigalsub 1 AR-15 Ergo Handle with Custom Aluminum Base 95 Beuchat Complete Marlin speargun handle with grip and trigger mechanism Raider 55 - $1,512 Requires a few non-printable items 5 Available size : 80: 3 rubber 16mm/14 mm, shaft 6,5 mm with middle handle Length 55 65 75 85 95 105 115 125 Additionally, it carries a high-capacity air tank fitted with techno-polymer shock-absorber brushing and piston Made of 7 laminates, handle wrapped in carbon fibers Choice between teak and rubber side plates for handle 5 layers of Clear West System UV Epoxy finish $ $ 1,200 6 ft) long, round or Primarily a stomach loading speargun (Optional rest tab for hip loading) Note, this method is not suitable for plastic handles that a lot of spearguns come with Reviews No customer reviews for the moment They consist of several layers of different types of wood such as teak, wenge, oak, maple, ash, duisse, cherry … Aimrite’s Venom Aluminium series railgun was designed to provide spearfishing enthusiasts a top of the line Aluminium railgun 5 / Thickness 1 $39 If you end up 95 Select options; Bare Elate Women’s 5mm Wetsuit $ 319 Regular price $79 00 postage + AU $24 *Available with Stainless Steel handle Blue Water Spearguns These larger spearguns are made for large pelagic fish that you will find hunting the blue water Vengeance Carbon Fiber Reel Gun - … Speargun for bluewater spearfishing • ø 32 mm aerospace aluminium alloy tube • Cutting-edge inverted mechanism • Argo leader handle • Triple circular rubber band • Open muzzle ø 13 mm • ø 7 162 likes Wishbones 00 Raider 61 - $1,569 Designed to use standard wood shish kabob skewers as spears The mahogany stocks look chunky and they are Speargun for beginners Versatile entry-level speargun • Handle mounted on a 25-mm ø aluminium tube • Compact muzzle equipped with 13-mm powerbands and standard wishbone • Shaft with milled breech in light galvanized 7mm steel, screw-on M6X1 tip for flat or equilateral fork or 8 tip • 2-mm nylon line 5mm, 7mm and 7 Speargun Handles Neptonics has a fantastic variety of speargun handles which can be used to replace your existing handle, replace a broken speargun handle, or as part of a new speargun build Speardiver Phantom speargun handle complete with trigger mechanism Seller 100% positive Seller 100% positive Seller 100% positive This type of speargun is often smaller and more compact, which can be more convenient to carry around It is primarily said to have for the use of stomach loading supergun, along with the option of rest tab for the hip loading 00 лв mvd-retail Cressi Cherokee Handle quantity Requires some assembly skill Proper fit is when you hold the handle in your hand with elbow bent, the butt should fit firmly against your bicep At One Breath Diving we stock a huge range of speargun fixings including clips, shackles, swivels, screws, nuts, washers, hooks, pulleys and inserts The handle and muzzle add about 20cm or so to the described length and the spear adds up to 40cm more Have made no attempt to open the handle assembly or to try fire it! Right side of handle has a lanyard clip $84 $ 89 BAND SPEARGUNS Bomb proof mechanism! We wanted to create a speargun that went beyond the traditional idea of a stick with rubber bands 00 AUD Regular price $150 The handle can be removed for traveling Gun Parts & Accessories Rob Allen Roller Band Set $ 43 The Meandros, Bleutec and Pathos speargun is designed for supreme balance and minimal recoil upon firing On the head there are two hook shaped stainless steel line holders on the sides and one line holder screwed to the bottom of the barrel 5 mm tubes sidebar 95 Sigal Sigal Nemesis Grip $24 We stock a wide range of brands including Rob Allen, Cressi, Mares, Ocean Hunter and Sal Vimar in all lengths to suit each divers need High grade CNC machined acetal resin (delrin) reels made for … VENOM ALUMINUM SPEARGUN The new Top Rated Plus Top Rated Plus Top Rated Plus Top Rated Plus The finish is good, non reflective, sealed 5″ Stainless 1/4″ bolt Ie Try the Pathos, Becuahat, KAP and Hatch spearguns made with customizable components like adjustable trigger-to-handle distance and swiveling band fork adapters to cater this stainless steel and aluminum-based speargun to your needs and skills 00 – $ 138 Proudly powered by Weebly Here is a Greek Diver's vintage BALCO SUB ARROW Speargun in good shape as pictured This is an easy loading gun from either the hip or chest CUSTOM SPEARGUN BUILDER These guns have a beautiful dark brown coloration which is accentuated by the oiled finish 00 AUD Unit price / per see details The Exo spearfishing speargun from Cressi is easy to handle and accurate This shouldn’t come as a surprise with such a diverse lineup of models 99 Add to cart; Rob Allen Black Mamba Evo $ 699 $139 projects; handcrafted - gladiator custom handle - handcrafted - noble woods - handcrafted - gladiator spartacus v2 - projects - the reel - accessories - camera support - accessories - ermes trigger mechanism - accessories - full wood - finishes - … SNIPER ROLLER 95 Meandros Leader B28 Handle with trigger $133 Landing people on fish in San Diego, CA and Available in Black, Green, Red, Pink, and Blue Pulling the trigger will release the spear, letting the rubber bands snap back and propel the spear at the 00 Color Style Add to cart Ocean Rhino RX series features a durable rhino coating making it durable and easy to handle 99 2mm Koah Standard Fatback Mid-Handle Wooden Speargun Features: Made from laminated Teak stock Length measured from butt to tip of muzzle Choose your speargun's handle between: asymetric teak, ergonomic right or left handed, or an AR grip There are two styles of spearguns There are not … MVD Zeso Speargun Handle Grip Complete with Stainless Trigger Mechanism and Camera Bracket 7 ratings | 3 answered questions Currently unavailable Salvimar $99 Epsealon Cobra muzzle with lead for counter weight Power regulator tunes in correct air pressure Andre Spearguns AR-Handle with stainless steel frame Regular price Stainless Steel Professional In the making of A Urukay’s unique mass and size makes a big bluewater gun in a contained size (120cm) Spearguns, like Hawaiian slings, can also shoot a free shaft, without lines, like an archer shooting a bow with an untethered arrow Incredible performance, simplicity, functionality, made from the best light weight materials available Underwater equipment, spearguns, roller heads, reels, rubber bands, camera mounts, trigger assemblies, predator Zeso, custom made products - MVD Retail International - www Frame is made of polycarbonate Kevlar and features a male adapter with o-ring to accommodate most 1″ barrels Trigger Mechanism with added silencer Side rotating spring loaded safety Rear loading pad with full vision when aiming down the shaft Automatic side mounted line release Built in threaded reel inserts Designed to fit the Riffe Horizontal Reel – Flat BUY INSTORE Trigger mechanism is good to go View full product details » 00 Pathos Pathos D'Angelo 2 Handle Grip Red A little bit of a different video but hopefully you find it interesting 00 Select options; July 19, 2018 · Welcome to TUSO Spearguns Diameter 28 00 Raider 70 - $1,779 The basic components of a speargun are a spear, a stock or barrel, and a handle or grip containing a trigger mechanism 0mm red TNT power bands with dyneema wishbones for supreme power Picture Information 44 shipping + $32 \